The Voice for Pilots in DC

Together with your MEC’s Legislative Affairs team, ALPA comes complete with a full-service Government Affairs Department that includes a team of lobbyists working every day to advance your interests, future, and livelihood. From protecting our careers against the continued expansion of the state-subsidized Middle East carriers, to supporting the FFDO program, promoting Known Crewmember, and more, the Delta MEC relies on the expanded team ALPA National brings.

This team includes resources that no other independent organization can match—50,000 pilots, educated leaders who are respected nationally and throughout the world. The Association mobilizes this powerful, well-educated mass via the district advocate program, where ALPA pilots meet personally with their government representatives. ALPA not only provides training for members who volunteer, it also provides succinct position papers and policy statements One of the Biggest Threats to Our Professionthat are strictly nonpartisan (e.g., “Leveling the Playing Field”).
ALPA pilots also garner powerful influence in Washington, D.C. through a powerful political action committee, called ALPA-PAC, which helps elect pro-pilot members of Congress who support the union's legislative agenda, regardless of political affiliation. ALPA-PAC is funded 100% by voluntary contributions from ALPA members. No dues money is used for political contributions.
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Our foreign competitors are exceptionally wellfunded. Just one foreign airline, Emirates, has more money currently invested in new widebody airplanes than it would cost to buy the entire U.S. airline industry outright. Even more alarming, Emirates is only one wealthy foreign airline seeking to eliminate our foreign ownership and control laws. Since the Citizens United court decision, it is possible for these foreign interests to spend this money influencing American elections. ALPA-PAC must be strong enough to combat these threats.