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As the world’s largest nongovernmental aviation safety and security organization, ALPA protects pilots on the job—in the cockpit, on the runway, and in the airport. A vast network of more than 400 pilot volunteers and staff with experience and expertise in every facet of airline operations, ALPA’s Air Safety Organization works to make members’ jobs safer and more secure, and provides support and assistance 24/7/365, whether you’re going through airport security, flying a trip, or on a layover in a foreign country.

On the MEC level, 224 ALPA-trained Delta pilot volunteers, together with the staff in ALPA’s Engineering & Air Safety and Legal Departments and Aeromedical Office, provide immediate and ongoing support to you in the event of an accident, incident, or time-sensitive safety event; if you need help resolving a security problem; if you need legal advice on the line; and when you have medical questions or need help getting back to work following a medical event.

In addition, ALPA is a tireless advocate for pilots on a wide variety of issues such as:

  • mitigating pilot fatigue;

  • leading industry-wide discussions on NextGen implementation and operations at remote airports;

  • promoting non nonpunitive and confidential safety reporting programs such as ASAP and FOQA;

  • advocating for the safe transport of lithium batteries and the safe integration of remotely piloted aircraft into the national airspace; and

  • promoting one level of safety and security for all operations—whether transporting passengers and/or cargo.

ALPA, including a number of Delta pilots, plays a leadership role in these and numerous other safety, security, and pilot assistance initiatives through the Association’s collective engagement with legislators, regulators, and representatives from manufacturers, airline managements, labor groups, and industry organizations. For example, Delta pilots serve as the ALPA representative on the Transportation Security Administration’s FFDO stakeholder working group, ALPA’s Flight/Duty Time Committee, and on several FAA aviation rulemaking committees.

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