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Building Strength

The Delta MEC considers the efforts of the DPA to be an obstacle for the Delta pilots, not because of their criticism of the Air Line Pilots Association, but because they are undermining our efforts to get our careers back on track after the decimation of the “lost decade.” The DPA effort is not contributing to the betterment of the Delta pilots and we will not stand by as they weaken our group and delay our eventual success.

To be clear: even as we draw attention to the DPA’s shortcomings, we will continue to work for those aligned against us. We hold no ill will toward pilots being misled, and on our watch the Association will not attack individual Delta pilots. We will, however, uphold our responsibility to advance the profession.

We will be measured and rational in our response because that is how we conduct the business of the Delta pilots. Our efforts will be familiar to you because they are nothing new: they will be an extension of our normal way of doing business. We will offer information, we will draw attention to issues that may have escaped your notice, and we will continue to reach out on the phone, through surveys, in the lounges, at council meetings, and PUB events. We invite you to come put a face on the work being done by the Delta MEC.

DPA’s criticism falls into three broad categories:

1. Accusations of conflicts of interest
    •  Attorneys working for other carriers
    •  Pilots negotiating complex contracts
    •  Lawsuits - TWA, AirTran, United

2. Accusations of financial irresponsibility
    •  Portrait
    •  Presidential pay, housing allowance, car allowance
    •  Dues rate
    •  Access to financial information - FPL, expenses, etc.
    •  Reps and Designated Pilots pay/Union volunteers paid by Delta
    •  Meeting expenses – alcohol, locations, accommodations

3. Accusations of governance irresponsibility
    •  Regional pilots using shared resources to take our flying
    •  Elections - ALPA President and MEC Chairman
    •  Disconnect from line pilots
    •  Scheduling favoritism because of position - weekends and holidays off

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Pattern Bargaining Advantages