Over nine decades, ALPA has earned a reputation among pilots, the aviation industry, other unions, and government officials as the leading voice for protecting airline pilots and advancing the profession. And, since 1940 when Delta pilots joined ALPA, the Delta MEC has been their staunch advocate, representing Delta pilots exclusively.

At the heart of ALPA’s mission are several key principles: to assist our members’ collective bargaining and contract enforcement activities, to protect their rights and privileges, and to promote the highest standards of aviation safety and security. ALPA advances these goals by maximizing its full array of unmatched resources; staff expertise; professional, technical, and administrative support; and vast network of experienced, well-trained ALPA pilots.

Run by pilots, for pilots—supported by professional staff

ALPA’s structure is best described as “Independence Plus”—the combination of local autonomy at the pilot group level and pooled, centralized resources at the national level.

For Delta pilots, that means you decide as a group how to best conduct your own business, including negotiating goals, strategies, and priorities for the Delta pilots as a whole. Plus, the Delta MEC has the financial and professional resources, including 29 dedicated staff professionals, to help your pilot group achieve its objectives and implement various initiatives.

At the local council level, Delta pilots elect the local executive council (LEC) representatives and officers. The LEC members you elect serve on the Master Executive Council (MEC), which sets policy for your pilots.

The Delta pilots’ influence doesn’t stop there, though. As ALPA members, the Delta pilots’ collective voice—your perspectives, your ideas, your concerns—is heard throughout the Association. On the Board of Directors—the Association’s highest governing body, on the Executive Board, and on the Executive Council, which bears fiduciary responsibility for the Association.

Get involved:

As the voice for Delta pilots, the MEC promotes and supports their members’ involvement in numerous Association-wide initiatives, ensuring that ALPA—and Delta pilots—always have a seat at the table.