Top Five Reasons ALPA's Delta MEC Performs

Represents the Best in the Industry, with Contract 2012
The Delta MEC negotiated an industry-leading contract ahead of its amendable date, with sizable gains that benefit our pilot group and raise the bar for the entire profession. ALPA's team approach to negotiations will secure a better collective bargaining agreement again in 2015.

Advocates for Airline Pilots in Washington, D.C.
Your MEC’s Government Affairs Committee, working closely with ALPA staff, has built relationships with members of Congress and other government officials to influence the decisions these powerful people make that directly affect your career. Only ALPA is recognized as the voice of airline pilots in Washington, D.C.


Protects Your Safety and Security on the Job
With a robust Delta pilot volunteer structure, backed by the world's largest non-governmental aviation safety organization, ALPA makes your job safer and more secure, in the air and on the ground, whether you’re flying domestically or internationally. ALPA plays a key role in government and industry efforts to enhance aviation safety and security worldwide.


Provides Pilot-Tailored Products and Services
The Delta MEC, with ALPA’s support and tailored products and services, is in the best position to take care of you and your family. Your union provides programs and opportunities that independent unions could never match.


Leads as the Global Voice for Airline Pilots
ALPA: the only union in North America with a sound policy proposal for the future of aviation and a seat at the table where international decisions will affect your career—a position to collaborate and engage with the decision makers to advocate for these viable policies on the international level. The Delta MEC is in the international game to protect your best interests.


ALPA Advantages

DAL MEC Performs


Washington, D.C.

Safety & Security


Global Voice