Services Deployed by Pilots for Pilots

Economic & Financial Analysis

ALPA's Economic and Financial Analysis (E&FA) Department is unique among labor unions. With a staff of professionals, this department combined has well over 100 years of hands-on experience in evaluating pilot collective bargaining agreements and analyzing airline business plans, strategies, and financial data.

E&FA puts you on an even playing field with management when discussing financial matters and ensures that proper valuation is given to any economic contract proposal as it is negotiated. Non-ALPA carriers, both in the U.S. and abroad, often seek ALPA's E&FA services because no other entity in the financial analysis market can compare. The E&FA staff is distinguished by broad airline experience through analyzing business plans and valuing contracts at all ALPA-represented airlines.

The National Mediation Board and airline managements across the board can vouch for the expertise of ALPA's E&FA. In fact, management and/or the NMB have often agreed to depend solely on E&FA calculations during negotiations. Pilot leaderships at other ALPA airlines, as well as at foreign airlines, strongly rely on E&FA's expert advice and analyses.


Provides All Negotiating Committees with Accurate Contract Valuation:

  • Supports the Delta negotiating committee with expert valuation of all economic proposals in contract negotiations.

  • Employs a former pilot to ensure full understanding and appreciation for work-rule intricacies and interrelationships.

Provides Expert Financial Analyses of Company Business Plans:

  • Analyzes Delta’s financial results, business plans, and projections, as well as those from other ALPA properties and selected non-ALPA airlines in North America and several foreign airlines to give a full and robust picture of the aviation industry.

  • Provides Delta pilots with the proper financial and economic background arguments necessary to obtain contract improvements.

Provides Expert Testimony in Federal Court and Arbitrations:

  • Testifies as expert witnesses on airline economics and finance and pilot collective bargaining agreements at several difficult court hearings, including Section 1113 filings under the U.S. bankruptcy code.

  • Provides expert testimony in several broad-based arbitrations on a wide variety of issues such as back-pay calculations for improperly terminated pilots, disputes regarding calculations of profit-sharing and interpretation of contract provisions, and in several interest arbitrations.

  • Provides expert testimony on your behalf in arbitration cases, including those involving Parity +1, transfer of flying and force majeure -- protecting your flying, your income, and your career.

Developed Extensive Databases on Pilot- and Industry-Specific Information:

  • Developed and maintains a database of pay rates and other contract provisions for all ALPA carriers, and select non-ALPA carriers, which allows Delta pilot leaders and negotiating committee members to easily evaluate their collective bargaining agreement.

  • Creates a continuously updated full-language contract database, complete with key word search capability, helping your MEC and negotiating committee to properly prepare for negotiations.

  • Established databases of DOT Form 41 traffic and financial data, dating back to 1978, used to analyze pilot costs and other information.