Services Deployed by Pilots for Pilots

Legal Services

ALPA attorneys help formulate and process requests for interpretations of existing regulations when questions develop, and advise and support National Officers, National Committees, the Delta MEC, and individual pilots like you on the accepted interpretations of those regulations. This close contact means ALPA's attorneys have a long history and familiarity with the subtleties of the regulations you operate under every day. This ready expertise means that our attorneys can and do answer questions instantly around the clock, so you don't have to make that dicey call on your own.

Responding to Your Questions in Real Time. When a question of a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) interpretation comes up, every Delta pilot is just a phone call away from the answer. The experience and information gained by ALPA attorneys in advising national committees, developing responses to rulemaking, and working closely with government officials and industry representatives on important regulatory issues create an unparalleled base of knowledge to which Delta pilots have access every day, 24 hours a day—wherever in the world they are.

Preventing Exceptions to the Regulations. ALPA attorneys monitor and coordinate ALPA's efforts to resist any attempt to create piecemeal exceptions to the flight time regulations. This vigilance is critical to preventing the erosion of those regulations, and it protects every Delta pilot, as well as the entire piloting profession's safety standards.

Developing Guidelines for ULRs. ALPA provides legal and technical support in the development of guidelines for ultra-long-range operations (ULRs single segment flights in excess of 16 hours). ALPA has worked with the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) to develop policy for the operation of these flights and is continuing to work with ICAO to devise a recommended practice for such flights. ALPA attorneys and technical staff will work actively on any rulemaking that occurs on this topic. Only ALPA offers Delta pilots the global voice needed to develop world-wide guidelines.

Coordinating Responses to Scheduling Issues. ALPA attorneys support the Delta MEC Scheduling Committee representatives on the scheduling changes that have occurred in the industry and on collective bargaining initiatives.

Coordinating Responses to Reports of Pilot Fatigue. ALPA attorneys and technical staff work closely with your National Officers and ALPA's Fatigue Task Force, Collective Bargaining Committee, and Flight Time/Duty Time Committee to coordinate ALPA's response to reports of pilot fatigue.